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I absolutely love my bag! I bought it at least 2 years ago and have used it almost exclusively! The wear is incredible, there is almost none! The quality is sturdy and soft, I was just blown away! I get compliments all the time and I refer them to all my friends! Don't hesitate, you won't regret it!


I bought two bags and received one bonus bag. It's very nice and pretty. However, the strap is too thin and flimsy. I would love it more if the strap is wider and stronger feels to it. The one on the ads shows a larger strap but I only received a thin and flimsy strap. I still give 5 stars because Overall- the leather and craftsmanship are great.

High quality material and designed

Highly qualified material and designed

TIANQINGJI Handmade Pink TOGO Leather Crescent Bag
Customer (Philadelphia, US)
My first, but not my last!

After stumbling upon these beautiful bags on YouTube, I purchased this sweet little crescent bag in a lovely soft pink. Having many high-end handbags, I know what a quality leather bag should look like, feel like...and even smell like. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent. I definitely will be purchasing another bag..and one for my daughter-in-law.

TIANQINGJI Handmade Blue TOGO Leather Shoulder Tote Bag
Dalia Sweedan (Amman, JO)
I love it

Got it as a birthday gift for my mum and she loves it

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black Crocodile Leather Bamboo Handle Tote Bag - Large
Gregory Maxon (Cave Creek, US)
Croc Purse

Beautiful Purse …… I have brought three purses from the store

TIANQINGJI Handmade TOGO Leather Tote Bag
D. Taschner (Palmdale, US)!! It is perfect

The only complaint I have is that the address was placed incorrectly and I had to wait an extra day, BUT, then it came! It was less than two weeks shipping time. It was so well packaged and protected, opening the outside box was a bit of a task. I also received a free gift of a silk purse scarf to wrap around the handle! All of the hardware was carefully wrapped in order to prevent scratching. The lock was in a separate bag with two keys (again to prevent scratching), along with the shoulder strap in its individual bag. The clips for the shoulder strap are sturdy. You can tell that they clip firmly when clipped onto the bag. I can hardly believe that this is hand stitched! The leather is perfect, supple.
Just like one you would find in an upscale department store. It is so perfect! And the interior is BEAUTIFUL! Lovely flowers and butterflies are embroidered inside! I cannot wait to use it and show everyone!!

TIANQINGJI Handmade Green EP SWIFT Leather Organ Crossbody Bag
Eva-Mari Rahkola (Oslo, NO)
Beautiful bag

Beautiful bag, exquisite quality. Can’t wait to use it. Fast shipping. Eva

TIANQINGJI Handmade Mauve Sylvestre TOGO Leather Picotin Tote Bag - Small
Rebecca Daniels (Gilbert, US)
A really sweet bag!

I bought this as a Mother’s Day bag, encouraged by my son. He introduced me to the videos on YouTube and wanted me to order one. When it arrived, we were so pleasantly surprised with the packaging! And absolutely delighted with the quality of this beautiful bag. The pink color is perfect - it styles so nicely with white! The leather and finishes are very high quality. I will be back for the larger one, I think in white and perhaps a tote style, also. We are so very impressed! I would give this bag 10 stars, if I could!!! Thank you!

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black Crocodile Leather Bamboo Handle Tote Bag - Large
Juliet Lopez (Lewisville, US)
Black Crocodile Leather Bamboo Handle Tote bag - Large

This is a beautiful bag. The size is perfect .

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black Crocodile Leather Bamboo Handle Tote Bag - Large

It is a beautiful bag, and I have received many compliments on it.

TIANQINGJI Handmade Milk Tea TOGO Leather Tote Bags
N. (Seattle, US)
Wow, this is an amazing bag and great alternative to a Birkin or Kelly!

Okay, so I found Tianqingji through its questionable English marketing tactics on YouTube and branding overseas, including the confusing branding between Tianqingji and MSN Craft. I imagine it's due to a language barrier and rebranding, but I can see how many English-speaking customers are wary and skeptical. I also hope Tianqingji steers away from pity marketing in English audio and instead just does ASMR of building their bags.

I admit that I was skeptical until I saw a video of this company releasing a video about how they're not a scam and instead a small workshop of about 20 craftspeople (with Uncle Du) and until I did some digging on r/handbags regarding Tianqingji.

I'm blown away by the craftsmanship of this bag and how well it was packaged in its light blue box to protect it from shipping and damage. The $788 USD + sales tax was a lot, but I'm telling you, unwrapping this from the bag filled me with joy and definitely gives a luxurious feeling. This includes a FREE scarf/twilly to wrap one of the handles of the handbag, so the Togo leather of the handles doesn't peel. The Togo leather of the bag is SOFT and feels so buttery smooth that I can't help but keep adoring how soft it is. The craftsmanship of the sangles (obviously inspired by the Birkin and Kelly) is amazing and actually functional with closing the bag because its top is a magnetic closure! The embroidery inside, including an inside zip pocket, a Tianqingji logo and leather-ish plaque for authenticity, and an open pocket, is so amazing. There's also a branded dust bag, and I love how that's crafted and sewn together as well. Best of all, this has a crossbody strap! I'm really blown away by the craftsmanship, and I think I'm a complete fan now and want to buy other bags from Tianqingji in the future and add them to my handbag collection. Best of all, the customer service is great (despite the occasional language barrier and confusion).

My only complaint about this bag is the smell as soon as I opened the Tianqingji box. I've smelled full-grain leather products before, and the smell of this bag is a bit chemical and is quite reminiscent of how I've ordered faux leather bags before. I'm assuming it's because of how this bag was stored and had to go through customs and shipping here to the U.S. from Hong Kong, though, since I've experienced something similar with Charles & Keith (which ships from Singapore). The smell does, thankfully, fade away quickly when you let it air out in its dust bag!

Overall, I really do recommend this bag if you've been looking for a good alternative to Birkin or Kelly but don't want to deal with their fussy flap closure (which every luxury fan has complained about). Plus, hearing the magnetic closure of this bag snap is really satisfying.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to coo over my bag some more and figure out how I can rotate it into this week's activities soon. 😊

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black TOGO Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag
Erika Varney (Hialeah, US)

Great quality

Excellent bag

Keep your LV! Just got the most beautiful bag!leather is like velvet. Craftsmanship is as good as any high end bag if not better!
Please try one of her bags. You won’t regret it!
High end at an affordable price!

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black Crocodile Leather Bamboo Handle Tote Bag - Small

The croc leather is nice, maybe too light for what it’s supposed to feel like. The handles are well
Made, but make a squeaky noise when you move them. But made nicely. I would have probably not bought the mini, and gotten something instead.

TIANQINGJI Handmade Cream White TOGO Leather Picotin Tote Bag
Mariette Yu (Quezon City, PH)

TIANQINGJI Handmade Cream White TOGO Leather Picotin Tote Bag

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black Crocodile Leather Bamboo Handle Tote Bag - Large
Anna Rubio (Gilbert, US)
Gift from husband

The bag is beautifully made. I can’t wait to show it off to friends. I will be ordering more bags in the future!

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black Crocodile Leather Bamboo Handle Tote Bag - Small
Amethyst Gallegos (Garland, US)

The handles were squeaking and it felt too light for being leather and crocodile leather. Although the bag does look nice and crafted very similar to the Gucci mini bamboo bag, I think they need more work on the top handles so they don’t squeak. Presentation was good.

TIANQINGJI Handmade Yellow TOGO Leather Picotin Tote Bag
Reem Al-kubaisi (Doha, QA)

I love this bag


This bag is beautifully crafted, with beautiful material. Meticulous work, detail and packaging. Arrived timely without problem. Wonderful product and wonderful service. I rarely buy from any place other than major US store, but this purchase was worth the chance! Thank you.

TIANQINGJI Handmade Black TOGO Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag
Miriam Orwin (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful Hobo bag

I love my Hobo bag and have had a few unexpected compliments. It is a lovely bag and I am very happy with it.

TIANQINGJI Handmade Milk Tea TOGO Leather SongFu Tote Bag
Joy Iordanova (Tacoma, US)
Amazed by the quality

I just received my purse, got it within 6 days of ordering it (free shipping). I got it in the color “milk tea”. Let me just say, from the moment I opened the box, I was met with a scent that I normally associate with the scent that greets you when you open the door to a luxury brand store…it was the smell of high quality leather. I was so surprised by the softness, malleability, yet solidity of the purse in my hands. I was surprised further by the embroidery in the inside pockets of the purse. It was a really nice touch, like a message between the maker to the owner. It comes with a strap (so it can be carried on the shoulder) and a stylish scarf (to place on the purse as an accent). The purse has a classy feel that completes the elegant look.

As for the negatives, the first of two aspects that was negative for me is the lid of the purse, which holds onto its closed position, making it hard for me to quickly open the lid and rifle through the contents inside the purse. But I think the leather will soften with time, and it shouldn’t be an issue anymore in the near future. The second negative aspect (if at all) is the act of closing the lid and making it fit into the groove to secure the purse closed. It took a couple of tries because the lid kept closing slightly off the groove in the beginning. However, I got the hang of it in no time, so this is not an issue anymore.

Thank you so much for the great handiwork; I highly recommend and will definitely buy more designs again in the future.

Personalized bag

Oh my goodness. This bag has gone beyond what I ever imagined. It is so beautiful and the packaging was absolute amazing.
I am so happy and I cannot wait to order another one. So professional and great communication!

TIANQINGJI Handmade Milk Tea TOGO Leather Picotin Tote Bag
Judy Rivlin (Goldens Bridge, US)

I love my new bag. The leather feels so nice. The process was super easy, customer service was responsive (I ordered an extra strap), and the bag came nicely packed Would def order again

TIANQINGJI Handmade SWIFT Leather Round Painted Crossbody Bags
Kim Do (Bellaire, US)
Beautiful quality handbag

I ordered from the website and received the beautiful handbag in pristine condition. The stitches are tiny and even, and it is even more beautiful than the photo on the website. It was beautifully wrapped and came with some extra little gifts

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