—— Born From Love ——

We choose to live the way we love. To meet a better self.


Emily's Grandfather & TIANQINGJI

We all call him Uncle Du. He is an old Chinese leather craftsman, he spent most of his life repeating the process of drawing, cutting, sewing, and assembling.


At his young age, the economy was depressed and living was difficult. Instead of being overwhelmed by the difficult environment, he hold his family's livelihood in his hands and slowly grew his handcraft workshop —— TIANQINGJI.

His local customers admired him a lot for his hardworking and pursuit of craftsmanship.

Our Brand Mission

Influenced by his grandfather, founder Emily showed a strong interest in handmade leather goods at a young age.

" From a young age, I felt that those who can work for what they love, and bring others pleasure through their effort are the happiest people in the world. "

My grandfather told me everyone is born with his or her mission.


" Happiness is not from how much you can get for yourself, but how much you can bring to others. " That is the true meaning of life. And her grandfather did practice these words his whole life with his hands.

" I wish I could express to more people the true meaning of life, and I hope I could keep fulfilling this concept my entire life. "

TIANQINGJI's Extension

After graduating from university, Emily worked for a handbag design company.

After a few years, she began to start her " MSN STUDIO " with two friends keen on handmade bags.


One day, Emily realized that " It's now the age of overcapacity, there are many styles of handbags in the market, but there are very few handbags that are truly handmade, practical, and amazing. That's why I wanted to create my own Handbag brand. "

After deep consideration, Emily finally used TIANQINGJI as the brand name, which is a testimony of what she loves and the extension of the handicraft workshop founded by her grandfather many years ago.

" I want to carry forward the value of a truly handcrafted bag, and TIANQINGJI is not only what I love, but also what my grandfather's pursuit in life. "


TIANQINGJI not only focuses on creating and designing beautiful, functional handbags, crossbody bags, and backpacks, but also creates a range of fashion bags for business, daily, dating, and traveling.

" Live the way you love, and Enjoy the process "

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